Back to School Checklist

The summer holidays have flown by and the kids are back to school next week!

Are you ready? Are they?

Shopping with the kids is not my favourite pastime and as they need to be there to try things on, back to school shopping isn’t something I can do online. As I’m south of the river, I head to Lewisham Shopping Centre where I can get everything under one roof.

When it comes to school uniform, Marks & Spencer is my go-to place – accessories, shirts, skirts, trousers and underwear – it’s all great quality, purse friendly and washes well. As they aren’t in secondary school, they don’t have to wear specialist uniform so I’m able to keep costs down on the high street. I always try and buy a size up so it will last more than a term but my kids have a knack of being one size in September and a completely difference size in December!

A couple of helpful tips:

1) the boy manages to find the one item in school that stains and get it on his clothes before the first week is out, so if they’re allowed, try not to buy white shirts (mine are also allowed to wear light blue)

2) get pieces in a couple of sizes and keep the receipt as, if you’re anything like me, the size you need always seems to be sold out. If the kids don’t end up needing them you can exchange for another piece of school uniform at some point during the school year.

3) school shoes wise can Clarks really be beaten? If you have a son you can identify with their ability to annihilate school shoes and Clarks seem to be the only place that build them to withstand a nuclear attack! I’ve tried cheaper shoes but the soles come loose or the Velcro tears beyond repair. Pony up the cash, get their feet measured and feel comfortable their growing toes are safe and sound in a good fitting pair of shoes.

4) summer feels like it’s still here but I don’t think it’s going to stay warm enough for summer dresses for very long. Stock up now on gingham summer dresses in your school colours – Sainsbury’s has a great selection. For some reason I can never find the size I need at the time I actually need it!

5) A rain coat (preferably one that can fold away in a school bag) is an investment if you live in the UK!

6) Nametags (or personalised clothing) are an absolute must have – PE kits are notorious for being misplaced!

What’s on your back to school checklist?