As adults, we love having afternoon tea with our friends and family but have always seen it as a strictly grown up activity.

Who knew afternoon tea for kids was even a thing? 

We went along to Reform Social + Grill to try their dedicated afternoon tea for children:

When we were invited to the venue, we had doubts. Would they be able to cater for the gluten and dairy intolerant?

As soon as we arrived and before we placed our order we let them know our dietary needs and they were completely unfazed.

Just look at the delicious treats we enjoyed!

Afternoon tea is such a lovely British tradition so why wait until the kids are older before they can enjoy it too? The Mini Tea includes fish finger and sweet ketchup, and smooth peanut butter and homemade jam sandwiches, one BBQ chicken slider, a mason jar of strawberry milkshake with a gingerbread man dipper, fruit and chocolate chip scone (no raisins!), chocolate and marshmallow lollipop, jelly and custard pot and a Reform jammy dodger with cream.

The kids tucked into theirs while we enjoyed grown up afternoon tea in the form of Gentlemen’s (for him) and Vintage (for her).

This isn’t something for every weekend but it’s a lovely treat (in a fab location) for the family and a great day out if you have friends from out of town visiting.

Reform Social & Grill
Mandeville Hotel
Mandeville Place

0207 224 1624