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7 Free Home Workout Classes You Can Take Online

When you’re working from home it’s easy to get stuck in a rut as your exercise is pretty much just walking from your desk to the kitchen and back again.

If you no longer have your regular work commute it’s important to fit exercise and mindfulness into your day.

Take a lunch break and start a workout regime at home, for free, with our pick of seven great online home workouts you can do in front of your phone, tablet or laptop.

Keep things interesting and do one workout from each instructor then go back to the beginning to help keep your mind and body engaged.

7 of the best free online home workout classes:

Jessica Valant Pilates

Jessica Valant Pilates

Jessica has been a physical therapist and pilates instructor for over 16 years. Her experience really shows as she offers ample modifications and workouts catering to all sorts of injuries.

With a special focus on pre and post-natal workouts, Jessica has a plan for each stage of pregnancy as well as specific issues, like sciatica, pelvic floor weakness, and even IVF.

Those looking for a Pilates-based core blasting workout can step it up with her muscle-shaking plank workouts.

If you’re looking for workouts when you’re working from home and time is short but you still want a full-body session (that only takes 10 quick minutes), try her “Pilates HIIT Workout” to feel the burn.

BodyFit by Amy

BodyFit by Amy

When we are ready to get some serious sweating in, BodyFit by Amy is where we end up. Her workouts range from 10 to 45 minutes long but pack a serious punch.

Even her BabyFit by Amy series proves that not all prenatal workouts need to be gentle. 

Amy shows us how we can still work out with a baby strapped to our chest, with “8-minute Mommy and Me Cardio” workouts.

Her “Body Blast” leaves no muscle behind. 

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga

The luxury yoga brand’s YouTube channel has carved out a special place in our hearts.

Offering both full-length 60-minute classes as well as 5-minute how-to videos, the Alo Yoga Channel seems to calm us as soon as we click on it. 

Our current favourite is their 7 Days of Gratitude series, full of 30-minute yoga classes that both challenge and relax us.

Their 30-minute prenatal flow seemed to help us find some untapped energy and the Kids’ Yoga and Meditation series seems to hit the ‘reset’ button on cranky children. 

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith - how to do workouts during the holidays

Jessica Smith’s workouts seem to drop all the frills and just get it done. With 20 years of experience as a certified wellness coach, trainer, and instructor, Jessica has hundreds of workouts posted on her YouTube channel.

Each session offers enough variety so you never feel like you’re doing the same thing twice. 

Featuring just her and her sidekick, Peanut the French Bulldog, Jessica’s exercises are sorted by time, style, or activity.

We couldn’t have been more excited to find her crunch-free “8 Minute Total Body Belly Fat Burn”.

On mornings when we feel like we never slept at all, Jessica’s “12-Minute Low Impact Cardio Blast” gave us the energy boost we needed to make it through the day.

Sarah Fit

Sarah Fit - how to do workouts during the holidays

Fitness and mommy blogger, Sarah, brings some of our favourite prenatal HIIT workouts.

She manages to be sweet and relatable, even as she’s convincing us to keep going. As a mom, Sarah knows we don’t have a lot of time, so her workouts focus on being quick, but effective. 

Her arm slimming exercises had us feeling a serious burn, packing a lot of work into 4 minutes. Sarah’s inner thigh and glute workout can totally be done while hanging out on the floor with the kids.


Everyone who does CrossFit talks endlessly about CrossFit so see what the fuss is all about via their website. No kettlebells required.

Grow With Jo

Jo is currently pregnant so her workouts are perfect for those new to exercise, with child, and/or those who don’t want anything too strenuous. Look further into her archives for harder workouts.

What are your favourite online home workout classes?


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