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Do You Need To Change The Way You Do Your Food Shop?

By Angharad Salazar Llewellyn

Is it time to shake up the way we do our food shop at the supermarket?

Feeding the family with healthy, well-sourced ethical food is fantastic, but our choices for filling up the fridge and freezer can sometimes seem limited.

It’s not always practical to stock up directly from suppliers when you live in a big city like London, Bristol or Bath.

Is there an alternative out there?

Could we, as switched-on parents, lead the change in the way we think about the standard supermarket supplier chain? Specifically how we source the best food for our family?

If it’s going to happen at any time, it feels like the time should be now. A quick glance at social media shows a rise in popularity in becoming more ethically conscious about food.

Many people are experimenting with a plant-based diet, or doing an organically/sustainably and free-range food shop.

Mindful eating is very much in vogue, and it feels like a palpable change is in the air.

Over the last few years we’ve witnessed how developments in the tech industry have enabled disrupters such as Spotify and Netflix to surge in popularity and dramatically change how we listen to music, and watch TV and films.

Could we see the same disruption in the food industry in the next 12 months?

It seems so. A new revolution is here to change the way that we buy food – and it’s called Farmdrop.

Offering an alternative to the dominant supermarkets, they work with a network of independent, smaller farmers, growers, makers and bakers, who are pioneering some of the most sustainable and innovative production techniques.

This innovation and fresh-thinking attitude enables Farmdrop to reinvigorate the relationship between retailer and producer to offer a better, fairer and more sustainable deal for everyone.

What does this mean for parents? Farmdrop have a full range of fresh produce, including fruit, vegetables, free-range meat, and cupboard staples, ready to be delivered to your door – with prices comparable to your usual shop.

Excitingly, much of the food that you buy won’t have travelled far to get to you.

They aim to source all their fresh produce within a 150-mile radius of where you live if possible.

This doesn’t limit your options though – you can still buy produce from foreign climes too, such as bananas and passionfruit, and their ethically-sourced origins are clearly listed on the website for maximum transparency.

This is an essential when you may have fussy eaters in mind.

Aiming for the highest possible animal welfare standards, Farmdrop also use 100% electric vans, and take back their branded boxes and thermal packaging where possible to re-use.

Most significantly, they pay their network of farmers 75% of the retail price – representing a huge, positive shift in the dynamic between retailer and supplier.

shopping at farmdrop online

Convenience doesn’t need to be an issue either – a top priority for busy parents.

Deliveries can be booked in the morning for the next afternoon, and you can choose from a six-hour slot which are free, or opt for a one-hour slot for between £1-£4 for a shop over £30.

The best way to think of Farmdrop is as an ethical grocer but readily available without having to pack up the family into the car, or maybe as a carefully curated supermarket, available at just a few clicks.

It’s such a simple concept. Farmdrop bring the farmers’ market straight to your doorstep, offering consumers and producers a better deal in the process.

They offer an alternative to the major supermarkets, driving sustainable consumption, and bringing us closer to our food and building a more positive future.

You can see that a small change, such as switching to Farmdrop – can make a big difference.

Try Farmdrop for yourself and be part of the food shop revolution.


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