Gingerline TV Dinners


Gingerline’s TV Dinners is pure nostalgic 90’s fun where you can enjoy a four-course dining experience, set within a gameshow format, broadcasting “live from a “W1 London Studio.”

At TV Dinners, palates win points – and points win the tastiest of prizes.

This is anything but a boring sit-down meal. As a contestant, battle it out during two hours of fun to pit your wits and showcase your skills of appetite, ability and culinary savvy.

Competitors will be hosted by TV darlings and off-screen sweethearts, Mitch and Madge Glimmer alongside their trusted sidekick, “the micro-wave with the maxi brain – the Snack-a-Max 2000”.

Gingerline TV Dinners2

Unsure what you are letting yourself in for? In this game show, how food is won, delivered and eaten all comes down to team effort.

Due to the top-secret nature of Gingerline experiences, we are not able to reveal exactly what happens during TV Dinners including the menu, details of the narrative or performances.

The menu includes four courses of food and a two-hour culinary battle from Gingerline’s W1 London Studio. Prices start from £55 + booking fee.

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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
17:30 to 20:00
20:30 to 23:00

12:30 to 15:00
15:15 to 17:00
17:45 to 20:30

12:30 to 15:00
15:15 to 17:00


06 Nov 2019 - 29 Feb 2020


5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Top Secret!
Hoxton, London

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