Offering a new support system for new and expectant parents.

Eile provides parents with fast access to support from our pre-vetted network of parent and baby specialists through instant messaging and video chat.

With the Eile Parent Plan, you have access to:

  • Chat about your parenting experiences and challenges at any time with a certified practitioner
  • Ask your daily questions and receive all the practical, informational and emotional support you need
  • A weekly check-in from the Eile Team to support you with setting and achieving your own birth and parenting goals.
  • Answers to your domain-specific questions written by our panel of experts (including specialists in breastfeeding, sleep, emotional wellbeing, child development, parenting, nutrition, women’s health)
  • Individual video consultations with our experts if you need any further support

We are offering parents access to a free 3-month plan as we pilot new features.

Want to find out more? Visit our website and sign up.

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