The Easiest Way To Buy + Sell Your Baby Clothes Online

Did you read about the furore created by JoJo Maman Bebe founder Laura Tenison when she accidentally sent a midnight public (she meant for it to be private) message to a Facebook group bemoaning parents that resell her brands clothes?

She ruffled a few feathers as her post sounded like she was criticising people who buy second-hand clothing.

If you look at her posts again (they’ve now been deleted but they’re free for all to read on the Daily Mail website) she actually made a few good points.

It truly doesn’t make sense to buy pre-worn goods at almost the same price as they’d be brand new. The appeal of buying something ‘gently worn’ is that you’re bagging yourself a bargain, not shaving a few pounds off the in-store (usually sale) price.

But how can you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to buying pre-loved goods for your baby/child?

Pitapat is the first app designed specifically for parents to sell their pre-loved children’s items. It was created by two parents who, after having kids around the same time, realised how expensive babies really are!

Pitapat app

Like a lot of parents, they soon found their homes overflowing with baby and kids’ stuff which their children quickly grew out of, some of it unused and brand new.

After searching high and low for a safe, free and easy­ to ­use marketplace for pre-loved baby and kids’ items with no luck, like all good entrepreneurs, they decided to create their own solution.

You can buy or sell on the Pitapat app, with some our favourite features including:

  • Look for items in your local area if you’d rather not travel far to collect something

  • Add items in seconds with their easy to use template

  • Customise your search results – from as close as one mile to as far as worldwide

  • Search by product name or description

  • Speak to sellers directly in­-app without sharing personal details

  • Wish list feature – tag items you like and want to look at later

  • 5­ star review/feedback systems to encourage good service levels between buyers and sellers

  • Report inappropriate adverts to administrators

  • Direct access to Pitapat support from within the app (via an email link)

Pitapat makes buying pre-loved items easy and the ability to scan different sellers’ offerings makes it easier to bag a proper bargain. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Another life lesson to take away? Nothing good comes from posting on social media late at night.

*Brought to you in association with Pitapat*


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