Helen Sanderson, Creating Calm from Clutter


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Clear space, clear mind.

It’s hard to enjoy family life and feel happy and energised when you’re surrounded by clutter. If you’re struggling to find things, stressed out or ashamed by your home, Helen can help.

She understands that life with kids is demanding, and also when you most want to make your home work for you and create a safe nest. Helen loves to work with busy women who are juggling responsibility for their children, home and professional life. She understands that time is precious and that you want to get things done quickly, efficiently and to lean on someone for a bit of support. Together you’ll create a home that’s truly nurturing for your family and career. By making space to think, you can be truly present with your kids.

Helen’s unique approach works with you, not just your clutter. Amazing changes can happen in your life when you declutter, and many people feel a surge of energy and experience big shifts. As well as gaining room by making better use of the space you have, decluttering will give you more time to focus on the things that really matter.

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