Guest writers + interns

Would you like to submit an article to one of London's top parenting digital magazines?

First things first, we do not accept promotional posts, posts written to get a link for SEO, or free content from article providers, so please don't send anything related to that.

We do however love to hear from awesome parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and carers who enjoy writing and would like to join The London Mother contributor network. We are looking for guest writers in the following areas:

  • Pregnancy
  • Work + Money
  • Free From Eating
  • Parenting
  • Beauty + Style
  • Wellness
  • Travel
  • Start up/Running a Business
  • Working Parents
  • Anything related to content on The London Mother.

The aim of your article is to provide content that is helpful, meaningful and useful for the reader. Therefore, your story should cover the topic in detail and should have something valuable as takeaway, worthy to become a resource for later reference for the readers and to help establish you as an authority in this subject.

Articles must be high quality, original content, so not published anywhere else online.

Please remember that submissions with a 'visit my site' or 'check out my product' type feel will not be accepted. Likewise, submissions which appear to be strictly PR or SEO-related will not be accepted.

Please get in touch for more information on how to submit an article and/or to discuss internship opportunities. 

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