car seats + pushchairs


The car seat is one purchase you don't want to scrimp on - try and get the best one your budget will allow. We also wouldn't recommend buying a car seat second hand unless you can 100% guarantee the seat has not been involved in a prior accident. Always buy from a reputable retailer and do your research - Which? provides a great car seat guide.

Pushchair wise, check the one you want is suitable from birth and think about your lifestyle and want you want from a chair - are you planning to use it while jogging? How much space does it have for shopping? Can you attach a buggy board to it? How heavy is the frame? Could you comfortably lift it into the boot of your car - especially if you've had a C-Section? Does it fit into the boot of your car? Can your childminder/mum/partner put it up and down? Should you invest in a lightweight pram for them to use? What's the terrain like where you live - will you rolling over uneven pavements, bricks, sand, gravel or any other unpaved surface? If so, look into an all-terrain chair with large tires and good suspension. Are you planning on another baby in the next two to the years? if you are, consider getting a pricier, higher quality so it can see you two (or more!) children.

Below are the ones we've used in our families: