We’ve made a list of our favourite Christmas light displays for when it feels less like a holiday and more like a chore bringing out the Grinch in us.

Seeking Sparkles: The Best Xmas Light Displays in London

Nothing can infuse us with joy faster than immersing ourselves in twinkling Xmas light displays.

Admittedly, weeks of creating Christmas magic can begin to wear us down, and sometimes a healthy dose of sparkle is essential.

Thankfully, London goes all out with shimmering displays, transforming the city into a winter wonderland that rivals the North Pole. 

We’ve made a list of our favourite lights for when the season feels less like a holiday and more like a chore bringing out the Grinch in us.

Prepare to find your childlike wonder á la Cindy Lou Who.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden stands out not only for their 115,000 thousand lights and 55 foot tree but also for their collection of mulled wine offerings.

This is one of the best Xmas light displays in the UK.

While we’re only half kidding about the last bit, we do love their cosy Lights and Sights Tour

Meeting at the London Transport Museum to enjoy a yuletide movie, crafts and treats before hitting the streets of West End on a vintage RT bus, the tour leaves us teaming with Christmas spirit. 

Carnaby Street

Carnaby’s Christmas light display spotlights a different theme every year and is a definite must-see.

This year’s theme is One Ocean, One Planet displaying sea creatures and underwater scenes with a holiday feel.

Presented in conjunction with the conservation charity Project Zero, the entire display is created with sustainability in mind, and all elements are either recycled, repurposed or reusable.

The giant 5m bubble-blowing whale alone is worth the trip.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is glorious before a single fairy light is lit.

During November and December, the gardens transform with an after-dark winter trail.

2019’s path promises a brand new route, with never before seen installations as well as returning favourites. 

With arches of light and an animated light display on Palm House Pond, visitors will feel as though they’ve stepped into a magical world.

Those looking to make a night of it can toast marshmallows at their fire pit or can take a ride on the Victorian carousel.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street boasts a significant change in its decor this year. The display is getting a modern update.

Swapping out their former energy-hogs with 27 LED light curtains, the new exhibition promises to be bright and impactful, as well as 90% more efficient than those of years past. 

Composed of 220,000 sparkling lights in all, the curtains will be displayed down the length of the street, and possess the ability to view “curated, dynamic content” as well as lights and dazzle.

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market is a favourite stop of ours year-round, so outfitting it with extra radiance makes it hard to leave.

The stunning 20-foot tree is adorned with lights, and the whole market delivers gleaming bliss.

Holiday events at Leadenhall continue throughout the season, with festive music performances, craft workshops, a virtual advent calendar with prizes and Harry Potter themed celebrations.  

Eccleston Yards

Eccleston Yards is our newest stop on the lights and magic tour.

Dipping their toes into the festive light display pool, Eccleston Yards is putting their modern spin on illuminations, titled Chromotherapy Christmas

Featuring 500 individually suspended orbs of varying colours, the lights and shades promise to offer balance energy in the body and mind through the healing power of light and colour.

If it also can guarantee a ‘silent night’, we are in!


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